Mobile Laser Tag Delivered To You

We are a mobile laser tag company that delivers the awesome game of laser tag directly to you! Don’t mess with traveling to a stand alone facility to play laser tag with other people that you don’t know, or let your children play in a huge arena with no supervision. Call us and we will deliver laser tag to your doorstep, to a park, a field or gymnasium to you!

Palouse Play laser tag will put some action into your private party or social event! With team color-coded taggers and available obstacles, your parties will never be the same. Customize the number of taggers, the location of your event and play any type of game you can think of. We’re available to deliver your fun and show you how to play.

We specialize in Birthday parties, Youth Group events, business team building or any other party rentals where you want to add a fun, active element to your party. We deliver the laser tag rental equipment to you, show you how to use it and then we leave you to have some fun. You will never forget when you play laser tag on your terms, at your location for a great price! Check out our pricing and then reserve your event today.

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“Thank you so much! Best Birthday Parties Ever!” – Micaela

“This was awesome. Our youth group be doing this at least four times a year at this price!” – Andrew

“The kids had a great time. We didn’t even stop for birthday cake!” – Ronni

“They had a great time. The taggers were awesome.” – Josh

“We had fun. Even the parents played!” – Melissa

Student: “We’re done already?! We wanted to play another game!”
Adult: “You’ve been playing for over two hours and its 28 degrees out here!”
Student: “Well, we need to do this again. It was awesome.”

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